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DIY Garden Plans

If you are a home owner, let me congratulate you! You have a big responsibility on your shoulders now and you need to raise to the expectations. Even if you are an extremely busy person with lots of duties, you need to find time for home improvement projects. As strange as it might seem, working on home projects will pay off on the long run, especially if you get the job done properly. Any project you complete is a step forward and a lot of money saved.


DIY Garden Plans

Flat Roof Carport Plans

Starting with outdoor furniture up to sheds, the project list goes on and on. All you need to accomplish and check every item from the list is a little motivation and a lot of inner strength. I won’t lie to you, building outdoor projects can be tough sometimes, but it is for your own good. If you have a car, then you should be a smart guy and consider building a free standing carport. All you need are plans, tools and time.  Alternatively, you can build an attached carport, so you can park your car near to the house. In this manner, you save space and you

Building a double carport plans

If you are inexperienced then you should spend some time getting accustomed with power tools. In addition, you should remember that preparing a project is maybe more important than the execution. Invest in high quality materials and try to select the plans that come with step by step instructions.

By following these easy tips you will become a natural at woodworking. All the loved ones will be impressed by your skills and you will gain confidence as the days go by. I am extremely optimist that you can make it and transform your backyard and ultimately your life with these wonderful diy garden plans and projects.

Every beginning it is hard, but you should trust your intuition and your unborn skills. Go into the unknown and past your comfort zone, if you want to set the bar higher. Do not think about the end result but enjoy the experience. Each project will be unique and it will add value to your property. You can say a lot of money with these projects, especially if the furniture you see in the magazines seems so unapproachable. And remember that you should keep trying until you get the desired result. Don’t be discouraged by failure as it’s just another opportunity to prove fate that you are in command. So what’s stopping you from doing your best and for doing great things?


Diy carport plans

If you want to protect your car from rain, snow or excessive sunlight, but you don’t have a large budget, we recommend you to take into account building a free standing carport. We have designed and built many carport and in this projects we will share some of the main things we have learned over the years.

Garage projects1. It is essential to plan the construction from the very beginning, starting with the wooden carport plans you choose, up to the location and materials needed for the project. If you have a narrow yard, you should consider attaching the carport to an existing building on your property. Otherwise, you could just choose a lean to shape and build it on one corner of your backyard. Nevertheless  if you want to have a quick access to your home, building the carport nears you house is something you should take into account.

2. Always check the local building codes before choosing the plans and buying the materials. These legal requirements vary according to your location, so you should pay a visit to the town hall, before starting the carport project. This will not only make getting the building permit a formality, buy it will also guide you when building the footings or when choosing the materials. Generally speaking, you should use weather-resistant lumber, if you want to build a durable carport.

3. Ask a friend to assist you when building the carport. Generally peaking, you need another person to assist you when installing the components into place. For example you could align the components and hold it into place, while your friend drive the galvanized screws. Use a spirit level to plumb the posts, when setting them into concrete. In addition, cut  all the components at the right size and angle, by using a good circular saw. Moreover, taking accurate measurement is a must have in these kind of woodworking projects, so you should use a good tape measure and a pencil.


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Building a raised garden bed

If you want to grow plants during the cold season or to enhance the look of your garden, you can build a simple raised garden bed. From our own experience, you will transform your vegetable garden in an attraction point. With the cost of the raw materials you can make a simple raised garden bed , in just a weekend. Build the frame from weather-resistant lumber and lock them together with lag bolts.

Fill the raised garden bed with quality soil, according to the plants you want to grow. In addition, if you want to increase the productivity and to protect the plants from cold weather, you can fit PVC arches and cover the raised bed with film. It is necessary to learn the needs of the plants you want to grow, otherwise you might use the wrong soil or not provide enough sun light. Make sure the vegetables receive at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day.


Build a raised garden bed

Building a raised garden bed

Building a raised garden bed

In order to get the job done as a professional, we recommend you to plan everything from the very beginning. In this manner, you will keep the costs under control and make a simple frame that will last for many years in a row. It is necessary to use quality raised garden bed plans, if you want to get a professional result and to prevent costly mistakes. We recommend you to use quality and weather-resistant lumber, such as: cedar, redwood or pine. Drill pilot holes trough the components before inserting the lag screws, to prevent the wood from splitting. In addition, you need to countersink the head of the bolts, as to get a professional result.

There are many shapes you can choose from, according to your needs and according to the configuration of the garden. Check if the corners of the frame are right-angled, by using an L-square. In addition, we recommend you to level and plumb the frame of the raised garden bed. These techniques are straight-forward, but they play a significant role on the success of your project.



Carport building plans


Information On Simple Carport Plans

If you want to protected your car from climate, but a garage is too costly for your price range, you should consider making a easy wood made car port. From our own experience a easy car port can be develop by any person that knows how to work with primary equipment.

When choosing the plans, you should look over several alternatives. Generally speaking, the plans should come with detailed instructions and with a list of the materials needed. Search on the internet for the terms “free carport plans”, or “carport plans” if you are willing to pay for the instructions

Wooden carport plansAfter knowing these restrictions, you should choose what type of car port will fit your needs, preferences and price range. Therefore, if you have a small yard or you want to have a immediate entry to your house, an attached car port will fulfill your needs. Moreover, a this type of construction will keep the expenses under control and you will create use of your area effectively.

On the other hand, if you want to develop a huge car port, even for two vehicles, or you just want to create it a concentrate point of your lawn, making a free-standing designs would be a smart concept. Next, you should choose if to develop a trim to car port or a development with a gable roof. Moreover, you could let the edges of the developing start or you could add lattice sections, to protected your car from climate.

Building a car port is a self-explanatory job, as you just need to set several 4×4 content into tangible, connect the 2×6 rafters, protect the ceiling with plyboard linens and set up the concrete roofing shingles. You should lay out the car port effectively, using mixture forums and sequence. Plumb the wood made content with a soul level and protected them momentarily with 2×4 orthodontics, until the tangible gets dry out.

Attach 2×6 assistance gleam to both factors of the car port and protected them into place with galvanized screws. Fit the rafters between these elements, after reducing their finishes at the right position.

If you don’t have enough time or skills to get the job done, you should consider hiring a professional team of builders. You just have to choose the right plans for your needs and be prepared to spend significantly more money for the project (at least 25%). Alternatively, you could buy a carport kit, as this approach has many advantages.

First of all, a kit comes with all the components cut at the right size, as well as with step by step instructions. The only thing you need to assemble the kit in a few hours is a skilled friend, as someone has to hold the components into place while the other one drives in the screws.

Anyone can get the job done, if you pay interest to several factors. Buy quality wood, such as pressure-treated, as it weather-resistant. Last but not least, pre-drill the lumber before inserting the screws, to prevent the wood from splitting.


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Wooden carport plans

Diy carport plans

Building a carport is one of those projects that is an opportunity to learn new woodworking skills and to change the look of your garden. If you don’t have experience in the field, we strongly recommend you to hire a team of professional. If you have worked with wood before, all you need to do is to choose professional carport plans and gather the tools needed for the job.

Nevertheless, you should first go the the town-hall and check the local building codes. It is important to highlight that in most of the cases, you need to get a permit before starting the actual construction of the carport. Moreover, the building codes can help you with essential information, such as the depth of the footings or the materials needed for the job.

Next, the location of the carport is also important for your woodworking project, as you should leave a certain distance from other constructions of from the property line. If you want to save yourself from potential issues, you could attach the carport to your house. In this manner, you can go into the house without having to go trough rain or snow. These are all important aspects one have to take into account, before starting the project.


Wooden Carport Plans

Diy carport plans

Diy carport plans

A free standing carport is a simple structure, but you should pay attention to several aspects, if you want to get the job done as a professional. Therefore, use weather-resistant lumber, such as pressure-treated lumber, as the components will be exposed to moisture. Choose attached carport plans, if you want to attach it to an existing building on your property.

On the other hand, you need to dig 2-3′ deep holes and fit the posts into concrete, after laying out the construction with batter boards and string. Check if the corners are right-angled and make sure the diagonals are equal, before continuing the project. Use a spirit level to check if the posts are plumb. In addition, place a long straight edge on top of the posts to check if they are at the same level.

Secure the top beams to the 4×4 posts and install the roofing rafters. Continue the project by fitting the 3/4″ plywood sheets. Cover the roof with roofing felt and with asphalt shingles. Last but not lest, apply several coats of paint, if you want to enhance the look of the carport and to protect the components from decay.